For Participants


With our JOINT GENERATIONS Contest App, you have the opportunity to work in mixed-age teams to solve the challenges of our future. The goal is for you to work together as a team to develop ideas and approaches to solve the challenge within two hours.

Using our app, you can create new tasks or work on existing challenges in a team. You can choose whether you want to invite your network to work on the task or work in a mixed team of strangers.

The possible challenges can come from a wide range of topics (e.g., crossgenerational collaboration in companies, new work and learning approaches, or building communities to transform organizations). Together, we can find solutions to shape the working world and society of tomorrow.

In addition to meeting exciting new people, you will also have the chance to win great prizes and meet potential employers.


1. Enter a Contest
In the app, describe in a few steps which challenge you would like to work on in a mixed-age team or select one of the existing tasks.

2. Invite People
Once a suitable task has been found, you have the option to invite your network to meet together and work on the contest. Alternatively, you can sign up for an appointment, and you will be matched with a mixed-age team.

3. Generate Ideas
Once your team has been formed, you will be given two hours to solve the contest together. Participation is easy to do from home via a video call, and you can create initial ideas and solutions together using online tools.

4. Evaluate Ideas
After the contest expires, your results will be submitted. A winning team will be selected from the collected ideas by the creator of the contest after the deadline.